At SeniorCare Solutions, we know how much you love and care for your aging family members. We also know how important their mental health is and how it can have an overall impact on their physical health. With our extensive experience in caring for seniors, we can help you navigate all that there is to take care of and ensure your seniors are receiving high quality care. We offer a long list of comprehensive services that assist seniors and their families as plans are made for current and future care.

List of Senior Care Services

– Assess the level and type of care needed and develop a care plan
– Take steps to start the care plan and keep it functioning
– Make sure care is received in a safe and disability-friendly environment
– Resolve family conflicts and other family issues relating to long term care
– Become an advocate for the care recipient and the family caregiver
– Manage care for a loved one for out-of-town families
– Conduct ongoing assessments to monitor and implement changes in care
– Oversee and direct care provided at home
– Coordinate the efforts of key support systems
– Provide personal coaching
– Help with Medicaid qualifications and application
– Arrange for services of legal and financial advisors
– Aid with placement in independent living, personal care home, assisted living or nursing facility
– Monitor the care of a family member in an independent living, personal care home, assisted living or nursing facility
– Assist with monitoring of medications
– Find appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis
– Coordinate medical appointments and medical information
– Provide transportation to medical appointments
– Assist families in positive decision making
– Develop long range plans for older loved ones not now needing care

During the course of our interaction with our clients, we will evaluate the current situation, the client’s background, family response, the need for services and how they have been provided to date. In other words, we learn their story. We evaluate their functional ability to perform activities of daily living and independent activities of daily living. We learn how services are currently being provided and by whom, how much time it takes to perform the services, and whether tasks are shared by others. We evaluate the current cost for these services in terms of financial, time, health, and lifestyle. We valuate services provided using a local cost comparison using different models for care- hourly, daily, weekly costs; live-in versus awake/overnight; agency versus private rates; institutional options.

Senior Consulting & Care Planning Services

You may find that as your loved ones age, there are changes that must be made to ensure they are getting the care and assistance that they need. At SeniorCare Solutions, we can help you take those first steps in preparing for the future with a plan that is able to constantly shift as change with your loved ones. We will do a full assessment of the care that is needed and work with family members and caregivers to develop a plan that still meets the wishes of your elderly. We know that there are times when family members may not live close, and extra help is needed to manage the care that is required. Our staff is ready and able to help consult and develop a working care system.

Assistance with Medicaid & Legal Services

There are many legal matters that must be taken care of during the aging process. Finding out how you are going to be able to financially care for your elders can be a burden. At SeniorCare Solutions, we will assist you in navigating Medicaid and getting the documentation together to make that funding possible for your elderly. There are also many legal documents including the following, that must be taken care of:
– Living will
– Estate planning
– Power of attorney
– Essential legal documents

Medical Transportation Services

When your parents or grandparents can no longer drive themselves, it can be difficult to navigate. This is especially true for family members that don’t live near their loved ones. We know how important it is that your loved ones are making to every single medical appointment to get the care that they need. At SeniorCare Solutions, we provide medical transportation services that will help them get to and from these important appointments including:
– Dr. Appointments
– Picking up prescriptions
– Medical testing appointments
– Therapy appointments

Aid with Placement in Independent Living, Personal Care Home, Assisted Living or Nursing Home

There may come a time that your parents or grandparents can no longer live completely on their own. It can be difficult to determine the level of care and right living conditions for your seniors. If you aren’t sure what level of care or the right living conditions would be for your elderly loved ones, you can rely on SeniorCare Solutions to help you determine the right fit for the care that is needed.

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